The 11 Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos

Videos are the most persuasive form of advertising, so you need to know the most popular types of youtube videos. Base your marketing strategy on this insight!

Want to make it big advertising on YouTube

YouTube is quickly becoming the most popular marketing tool for businesses.

However, to be effective on YouTube you have to understand it. You must know what people like, what they respond to, and what they will come back for.

If you don't, rest easy because we've got you covered. Read on for our extensive list of the 1 1 most popular types of YouTube videos.

The Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos for Business Marketing

First, understand this article is directed towards business marketing. While some of the most popular types of YouTube videos we've chosen may not seem applicable, they actually are. 

Creative businesses that use non-related video content for their marketing campaigns have seen wild success in sales conversions.


Because people are tired of seeing typical in-your-face-marketing all the time. Watching a funny video creatively tied into your product or service may just be what turns a prospect into a paying client.

This ploy shouldn't be used exclusively, but it's not a bad trick to have up your sleeve.

Regardless of what type of videos you use, research shows consumers spend 88% more time on websites with videos. Food for thought.

1. Funny Animals

Almost everyone on the internet will stop for 30 seconds to watch a funny animal video. After all, there are countless reasons why we love them.

If you can creatively integrate a short GIF video on a social media platform into your brand, you are guaranteed to have people pausing to look at your ad. 

Alternatively, run a 30 to 90-second video of funny animals for simple click-bait. The more people clicking your link because of the unrelated video, the more traffic for your website.

2. Live Streaming

Once you begin to create a following on social media, you can create some buzz by doing live streaming videos. These are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of YouTube videos because people crave authenticity.

In a world full of marketing ploys and photo and video editing, watching anything live has become something of a commodity. There's no room for editing, scripting, or cuts. Mistakes are made on live footage, and it's endearing.

While this admittedly adds some pressure for those in front of the camera, it will give your business some reputability and charm.

3. Vlogs

It's a well-known fact that content adds value to your website. Most business owners, therefore, have blogs on their sites. However, because humans are visual creatures, pages with images or videos receive a whopping 94% more views.

Therefore, website operators would be wise to begin vlogging as well as blogging. For those of you in the dark, vlogging is a cool word for video blogging. 

Written content is important for keywords and SEO, however, videos can be encrypted with SEO coding and are much more popular amongst consumers.

4. How-Tos

Speaking of content, how-to videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube because people love DIY stuff!

Even if they are copying something step by step with no real creativity on their part, DIY projects make people feel creative and accomplished. Cater to that desire.

For example, if your business helps other businesses with SEO coding, make a short how-to video to get them started. Don't give away all your secrets, however, or you'll be out of the job. 

Use how-to videos to get people thirsty for more content from you.

5. Interviews

Hosting interviews on your website is a great way to appear more credible and high-class, especially if your guest are "experts" in their field.

Although you run your business, know what you're talking about, and are probably an expert yourself, having another voice to support yours will only further a consumer's faith in you.

Hosting interviews will also bring solid content to your website.

Interviews are a relaxed, indirect way for you to answer questions consumers may have about your product or services.

6. Webinars

Many online entrepreneurs and businesses alike are using webinars as marketing tools. 

They are becoming one of the most popular types of YouTube videos because it gives consumers a chance to interact with you and your business before committing to anything. 

Additionally, it gives you a chance to engage with and plant seeds in potential customers with a higher rate of conversion.

7. Product Reviews

Whether you're reviewing your products or somebody else's, your videos will be among the most popular types of YouTube videos. 

Alternatively, you can offer free products to people who agree to make video reviews of your products or services. Seeing other happy customers may be the final push potential customers need to pull the trigger.

8. Presentations

Simple presentations demonstrating the quality of your business's products or services go a long way towards convincing potential customers to buy from you. 

It's one thing to write about how awesome your company is, but why not take a video and show people?

9. Animations

People like things simple and easy to understand. 

Making animated presentations and how-to videos is a great way to secure a consumer's interest in your business. 

For example, showing a video of how your company can affect profit and loss margins in a positive way would be much easier to grasp if done with simple animations and graphs. 

10. Testimonials

Everybody likes a good testimonial. Take the fitness world, for example, a consumer who says "I used this product and lost 50 pounds" does all the advertising for that product. 

Similarly, case studies have the same effect. A case study showing how you've helped previous customers demonstrates what you can do for potential customers.

11. Satire and Comedy

People like to laugh. In fact, laughing has actually been shown to help people live longer. Not kidding.

Throw some humor into your videos, keep it light-hearted. It will make your business more likable and feel more approachable.

People would much rather work with a company that enjoys a good laugh than one that takes itself too seriously.

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