Create, Implement & Track Your Own Facebook Conversion Events

When you run a campaign on Facebook, you can track that campaigns performance with the Facebook pixel. The facebook pixel is basically a piece of code that you install in your website that allows you to track specific actions a visitor to your website takes.

You can track all sorts of actions using either Standard Events or Custom Conversions.

Standard Events are several events identified by Facebook as

Facebook Campaign Objectives - when and how to use them. Part 1

There are currently 3 campaign objectives, with 11 sub-objectives available on the Facebook advertising platform. We'll go over each one and explain how it is we use each one. Some are pretty straightforward, and others a little more complicated. If you've ever wondered when or how to use them, then this guide is for you!

This is a multi-part guide. In this release (part 1) we discuss:

  • Auction Vs. Reach and Frequency
  • Awareness Campaigns > Brand Awareness > Reach
  • Consideration > Traffic