The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: Having a Great Ad Campaign

Are you thinking of advertising on Facebook? Yeah, probably you and millions of other small business owners.

And here's the honest truth: many of those guys will lose money on those campaigns, give up and say Facebook ads is not for them. Not you though; because you're about to learn how to get the most out of the platform.

Marketers have a love-hate relationship with Facebook Ads. This is because even though it can be a great platform for exposure -1.45 billion daily users is no joke- it can be very hit-or-miss.

As a result, you never know if your ads will work, convert and generate those sales you so badly want. This is why you need an ultimate guide to Facebook advertising.

This will help you consistently run more profitable campaigns, drive more traffic, increase your ROI and boost your profits. But, you've got to deploy the same tips and techniques that all successful Facebook ad campaigns use. Let's explore these and get the moolah rolling in:

Begin with the End in Mind

A bit cliche maybe, but this is at the heart of every Facebook ad campaign. If you don't know exactly what you want, you'll waste your money, period. You must know what you want to achieve.

Increased sales? More followership and engagement? More quality leads? What exactly? Determine this from the get-go. The clearer you are about this, the better. 

Facebook has three ad objective categories. These are awareness, consideration, and conversion. For awareness, you can only choose between brand awareness and reach.

For consideration, you'll choose one of six options. These include app installs, messages, lead generation, video views, engagement, and traffic. As for conversion, you'll choose one of conversions, store visits or catalog sales. 

As you can see, Facebook's already made efforts to help ensure that your ads are ultra-targeted, so you can enjoy higher conversions and get great returns. So, determine what your goal is from the beginning. 

Create Multiple Ads and Test

Truth is Facebook can be temperamental: Filling you with hope today by increasing your reach and conversions and dashing your hopes tomorrow by costing you a lot of money without any returns.

So, how can you minimize the latter? Simply create multiple ads for the same offer, advertise for a week and see how your ads do. Then, optimize, optimize, optimize.

Keep tweaking those ads until you can squeeze every drop of ROI out of it. Facebook is great for A/B testing and produces awesome results too. But you need to create winning campaigns to get those results.  

Track Sales and Conversions

Vanity metrics are a real problem. Here's why: you'll get so carried away by it and end up losing money in the process. If there's one thing you must focus on, it's real results.

Sales, leads, phone calls... these are the only things that matter. Not clicks, not social engagement, not impression volume, not shares and likes. Sales, revenue, profits... pure and simple. Nothing else matters. 

Sometimes, vanity metrics like clicks can lure you into believing that your ads are working. But, if you're not seeing some real conversion for all those clicks, you need to either shut down the ad or tweak it for maximum effectiveness.  

Check your landing page, target audience, the ad itself and your offer -we'll talk about this momentarily. If you're getting a lot of engagement without any sales, leads or conversions, one of these elements is likely the culprit. 

Have a Strong Offer

This is a no brainer right? Well, if the number of failed facebook ad campaigns we've seen is anything to go by, this is a major issue. Offer positioning and targeting are just as crucial.

You can have the best funnels, landing page, ad copy... whatever. But, if your offer doesn't connect with your target audience, your ad campaign is toast. 

So, check your offer. No matter how nice they are, you can't sell T-shirts to middle-aged men on Facebook.

Now, if you had a discreetly packaged supplement offer for increased testosterone or energy levels, that would be right up their alley. They'll bite and gladly pay you for it.

The same goes for women. Selling anti-aging chicks in their early to late twenties is a dud move. But, change your target demography to women in their late 30's to early 60's and you just might have a winner. 

At the end of the day, your offer matters. More importantly, it should be placed in front of people who need/want it.  

Copy Profitable Campaigns

This brings us to another crucial step in this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising piece. Pay attention to your competition. This may be borderline crazy, but it does work.

Monitor proven campaigns that seem to be all over the place, and replicate their process. If you find that your competition is doing well with Facebook advertising, track their ad process, tweak to suit your unique offerings, and deploy. Works like gangbusters if you don't have the time to start from scratch. 

Retarget Like Crazy

This is an absolute must-have in your Facebook advertising arsenal.

If there's one thing you take away from this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising article, this is it. Retargeting fuels your conversion rates, taking it from a measly 1 percent to as high as 10 percent. 

Ever had a particular ad follow you around all other websites as you surf the web? Well, that's the power of retargeting pixels. These are activated once someone clicks through your ad. 

In sales, prospects need to see your offer at least need at least 7 times to notice it. This is what retargeting does. Through consistent exposure, these prospects will almost always check out your offer eventually.

Of course, you'll need to learn how to retarget your ads, but that's not a big deal. It's quite easy to do, once you know how. 

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising - Extra Tips 

The tips outlined in this ultimate guide to facebook advertising work. But, if you need more, take advantage of the Audience Insights tool.

Then, minimize texts and focus more on visuals. They work better. Try standard feed ads, carousel ads and canvas ads to see which gets the best ROI. 

There's a lot more to this though, but they're quite technical and require the skills of an expert facebook ads outfit. Which is why you should contact us today at Trigger Digital if you want to run a successful facebook ad campaign.