9 Exciting Examples of Native Advertising

Not sure what native advertising is? These 9 examples of native advertising will help provide clarity so you can follow their example and find similar success!

Despite all the buzz for the last few years, native advertising is still a blur to many marketers online. Not many people understand it at all, with far fewer ones knowing how to do it.

Grasping the basics of native ads is valuable to any website’s marketing efforts. Not only can it improve click-through rates, but it also adds to the total experience of the web pages.

What are native ads? What examples of native advertising can help us improve our knowledge of it?

In this guide, we’ll give you 9 native advertising examples and their uses. These can give you a clearer grasp of the best native advertising you can use.

Are you ready to boost your marketing campaigns? If you do it right, this can help you get more out of your ads. Let’s see how it works.

1. Advertorials

The primary point of native advertising is to create ads that match the look and feel of the site itself. A good way to do that is through what we call advertorials. Among all native advertising examples, advertorials are the simplest but as effective as the others.

Advertorials are writeups or images embedded with the actual content for the website. These are good native ads as they still provide value to your audience. This equates to better clickthroughs, as people think it’s part of your usual content.

A shameless user of advertorials includes The Onion. They even have their own sponsored post section for all their advertorials.

2. News Feed Ads

Another example of native ads is native news feed ads. These are thumbnail links that look the same as your other related links.

Instead of going to actual content, they go straight to an advertorial or native ad. This not only helps with improving clickthroughs but protecting yourself as well.

The best native advertising is not disruptive to the flow of site content. It needs to be uniform to the design, but also should not mislead. Declaring your native advertising as “Sponsored Content” or the like gives leeway.

To make your native news feed ads perform better, it’s best to match it according to the content of the page itself. Use meta tags to relate your native advertising examples.

A good example of these are from Small Biz Trends. They use their “Sponsor Spotlight” for their paid content.

3. Native Video Ads

Native video ads are one of the best forms of native advertising you can use. Apart from text and images, it’s best to use long-form videos as a type of native ads. They provide good insight as well as value to those who consume it.

When it comes to video format, what are native ads that count? Where you can, you can use human interest and storytelling to make the video compelling.

The best native advertising positions the user’s brand image in the consumer’s mind. Native video ads will help improve the brand’s impression on the audience. The best example of this is from the Financial Times’ industrial tech section.

4. Google Search Ads

It seems trite, but one of the most native advertising examples is Google’s search ads. These types of advertising are on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). They’re discreet but tagged as ads.

Search ads have the same look and feel as normal results. They also provide the same value as organic search results. The only difference is that companies bid for each of them.

5. Graphic Storytelling

One of the less used native ads is graphic storytelling. Excellent examples of these are native ads from CNN, which provide a mix of imagery, videos, and content. This reflects a way to leverage the ability to tell a story as a type of advertising.

What are native ads that can use this style? The best way to pull this off is to plan with a sponsor and talk about the positives of their campaign. Use it to create a favorable brand image in the minds of the audience.

6. Branded Content

Branded content might sound the same as sponsored content, but there’s a stark difference. Branded content are native advertising examples that the brand itself makes. Rather than have the publisher write it, the brand makes the ad itself.

A good example is Dell’s post at The New York Times. Not only does this save time for the publisher, but it also keeps everything within the brand’s tastes. Everything from images, calls to action, and style lends itself to the brand.

7. Human Interest Native Ads

Native ads will always get better results if you integrate human interest in them. People are always curious about other people and their amazing feats. The best native advertising will use such brand stories to their advantage.

Like Business Insider’s ads on multi-colored corn, these types of stories are interesting. With how people progress technologies in their own fields, these are stories that audiences love. Make sure that, when creating such native ads, to make sure they are relevant to your own content.

8. Facebook Ads

When it comes to some of the best native advertising, social media sites are some of the smartest culprits. The best examples are Facebook Ads. FB now calls these posts “Sponsored”, which is a way of making them discreet.

Facebook ads are useful because of how they mix the ads into the actual news feed. It still offers the same value as normal posts, but target towards specific demographics.

9. Twitter Ads

While we’re on the topic of native social media ads, Twitter ads provide the same native advertising power as Facebook’s ads. Much like FB, they also look the same as normal tweets, apart from the “Promoted by” on the bottom.

Twitter ads are effective native advertising examples because of how they mix with normal tweets. You won’t even notice any difference.

What Examples of Native Advertising Teach Us

When it comes to examples of native advertising, understanding is the start. Knowing what elements go into proper native ads can help you improve your advertising potential. Not only can this boost your click-through rates, but it can also power up your marketing efforts as well.

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