Bring Your Vision to Life: 7 Smart Benefits of Video Advertising

Bring Your Vision to Life: 7 Smart Benefits of Video Advertising

When was the last time you watched a video online?

Last night? This morning? 10 minutes ago?

We’re guessing it was fairly recently! The same goes for almost everyone online. Simply, video content has become a huge part of our lives. We are watching more video now than ever before. Check out the stats:

Every day, 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube, there are 8 billion video views on Facebook, and 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat.

Such insane figures should be music to the ears of advertisers. Simply, there are major advantages to incorporating video into advertising efforts. It's becoming an increasingly important means of advertising in general.

Intrigued? Want to know how exactly how you stand to gain from video advertising this year?

Keep reading to find out 7 key benefits of video advertising.

7 Key Benefits of Video Advertising

Video has been the rising star of advertising and marketing endeavors in recent years. Video advertising should be a central part of your efforts moving forward. Here are 7 top benefits that help explain why this is the case!

1. It’s Relatively Inexpensive

Online video advertising is cheap. To an extent, anyway.

Compare it to traditional TV advertising, for example. You pay through the ear to earn just a short ad on TV. You spend hours upon hours mastering the advert, to ensure you get the bang for your buck.

Compare that to an online video ad. You can spend 30 seconds recording a video on your phone, and upload it to Facebook. Slap $10 ad spend behind it, and with a stroke of luck, the video could go viral.

The potential ROI is huge. Remember, the cost of production can be exceptionally low. The editing software can be found for free. And the video can be promoted at a minimal expense on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

2. People Love Video

We’ve already seen how people devour video.

The statistics above speak volumes. Countless hours of video are watched every minute of every day, around the world. People will engage with video ads in a way that they won’t with other forms of advertising.

The market is there. You just need to create a clever, creative way to tell a story and spread your message.

3. It’s Awesome for Your Brand

Videos can be a powerful tool with which to grow your brand.

Consider a viral video that gets a million views. That’s a million new sets of eyes being introduced to your brand. That’s a serious boost for any business’ exposure. Brand awareness can explode overnight in a way it can’t with other forms of marketing.

Likewise, the visual aspect of video content is a straightforward way to present your brand to potential customers. If people like what they see, they’ll likely engage with your business. You can introduce people to your products, services, and ethos.

4. It Grows Your Audience

The vast numbers of people consuming video provide an incomparable opportunity to grow your audience.

It’s essentially the same reason it’ll help to develop your brand. Your audience is likely to grow with it. Just imagine tapping into even a fraction of people viewing YouTube videos every day. Your potential audience is enormous, and you can point them all towards your business.

It doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling either. Often it’s just an engaging, stimulating video, and some ad-spend behind it. Someone who likes your video will most likely be willing to engage with your business again in the future.

5. Videos Are Insanely Sharable

One reason videos are so beneficial to your advertising is their immense "share-ability." Simply, people love to share video.

That’s thanks in large part to the platforms on which people watch them. It seems there’s something inherently engaging about some videos that make people want to share them.

Indeed, 92% of people watching video on mobile will share videos with others. That’s great news for the growth of your organic reach.

6. It’ll Help Your SEO

People aren’t the only ones to enjoy video content.

Search engines love it, too. Videos have a habit of ranking highly on SERPs.

This speaks of the monetary value of creating a quality video. One video that ranks well on Google can bring thousands of new leads to your website, without you spending a penny. As the video is shared more, your rankings will improve steadily.

7. Video Is Mobile-Friendly

Advertising efforts can no longer ignore mobile usage.

Ever more people are using their mobiles to use the internet. All web content needs to be optimized for mobile usage. Videos are watched for hours at a time via mobile, and the figures are only increasing. Indeed, 70% of all YouTube traffic comes from mobile phones.

It boils down to this: people love watching video on their mobile. Which is good news, given the importance of mobile in your advertising endeavors.

Time to Get Advertising

There you have it: 7 top benefits of video advertising.

Video content is being consumed online at an ever increasing rate. Millions upon millions of hours of content are viewed on various platforms every single day. This presents a golden opportunity for advertisers. Hopefully, this piece has convinced you of the many benefits of using video in advertising.

To summarise, video advertising is relatively cheap compared to alternative forms. People love to watch videos, which is good news for your efforts in general.

Next up, your videos will help to grow your brand awareness, as well as your audience. This is thanks in part to how commonly videos are shared online. Finally, video advertising is great for SEO and goes hand in hand with mobile usage.

You stand to gain an awful lot by utilizing video advertising over the coming year. Good luck with it all!

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